Reel Injun
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Reel Injun
On the Trail of the Hollywood "Indian"

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Very informative and I am definitely going to suggest this to my film teacher. This was for a Sociology assignment for Popular Culture, and I am definitely going to be telling a lot of people about this.


I never seen this film before, It was very interesting. I love native movies, native actors.We need more Native movies with REAL native actors. Some part were sad to see. It is who were are as Native American Indians....


Honest, fascinating, in depth, empathetic, and as broad as it is deep. 5 stars


Going into it, I expected a by-the-numbers "this is bad" representation doc, but that's not the film Diamond et al made. A rich, deeply human film about the complexities of the past and what it means to all of us now... truly moving, and even very funny at times. Recommended.


What an eye opener.


And now JK Rowling is going to come over here and portray Indians all wrong again.